Using Geogebra for Origami

The PDF guide Using Geogebra For Origami shows you some ways to use Geogebra to design, draw and animate origami.

Some of the possibilities are shown below. View and edit these and more example files at

  • Boat Unit: Vary the proportions of the rectangle to see the next steps, unit and complete assembly by clicking on the paperratio slider and dragging the dot.

  • Waterbomb Corrugation: 3D modelling of rigid origami. You can pause the animation and manually set the values of the sliders.

  • Haga’s Turned Up Part (TUP): Virtually fold a corner of a square by dragging the red point.

A different perspective on 3D modelling, including 3D printing, is at It’s written by Fernando Sánchez-Biezma Sacristán.