Tung Ken Lam is an origami creator and teacher. His best-known works are WXYZ and Jitterbug.

He is the author of “Action Modular Origami to Intrigue and Delight” (Tarquin, 2018) and coauthor of “Learning Mathematics with Origami” (Association of Teachers of Mathematics, 2016).

“His modular creations are fine examples of 
original and economical folding” (David Petty, author of “Origami 1-2-3” and “Origami A-B-C”)

“It has been a long time since I have enjoyed folding so many projects from just one book. The diagrams are among the best I have seen for geometric origami, and the collection of projects is a satisfying variety. Highly recommended!” 5 out of 5 stars – Michael LaFosse, cofounder of Origamido® Studio and author of over 50 origami books

He has taught and presented his origami work in France, Italy, Sweden, Japan and USA. He has run many events for teachers, learners and the general public. Clients have included Honda, EuroStemCell, The Bodleian Library and Bletchley Park.

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