Modular Origami: 18 Colorful and Customizable Folded Paper Sculptures

Cover of 'Modular Origami: 18 Colorful and Customizable Folded Paper Sculptures' by Tung Ken Lam (ISBN 9780764365515)Available to buy from the US publisher, UK distributor and all good booksellers.

Description: For anyone who wants to delve into decorative modular origami ornaments. Learn to fold colored paper into simple shapes, known as modules, and how to put them together, without using sticky tape or glue, to create amazing and attractive ornaments and sculptures. The 25 models presented will show you how to create 18 projects, which begin at a very simple level so that you can succeed on your first try. Subsequent models and projects allow you to develop your skills, so that by the time you reach the last project, you will be folding and assembling something extraordinary. Each of the designs can be customized using different kinds of paper and combinations of colors so that each finished ornament will be a unique and personal expression of the design.

Publisher: Schiffer Books
Size: 8.5 in x 10.0 in | Pages:128 | 150+ color images
Binding: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9780764365515